Discover a proven method for delivering 100% fixed price, time and results technology projects.

Regardless of the complexity, unlock your growth as an entrepreneur and never feel burnt again.

Get your quote in 48 hours

Tell us all about you; your ongoing needs and details of your technical project.

We discover the opportunity together, working to understand your goals and constraints. We then prepare a high level estimate for you, with a top level overview of your project outlining all potential technical solution roadmaps.

Our fast, accurate estimation process and demonstration of domain-specific knowledge will help you exude confidence; authority and accountability, filling you with belief you can convey to your team and your clients.

Leave them with an important feeling of trust that you are the right person to take this challenge with.

Here’s what you will get:

With the Initial brief done, we understand the challenges and have identified optimal solutions and their trade offs.

You will receive a high level estimate based on your project scope with a comprehensive top level view including:

  • Technology Stack.
  • High level architecture blue print.
  • High level time estimates.
  • High level resource requirements.
  • Project Implementation Plan
  • Deliverable and their cost breakdown
You’ve accepted the offer, yes!

Upon accepting the High Level Estimate offer, we can proceed with the documentation process: enjoy gaining absolute clarity over your project in this crucial and necessary step.

We ensure ALL project aspects are documented; design, features and functionalities, workflows, technical documentation, potential risks and the possible solutions.

Based on the information collected, we provide a 100% fixed time, fixed budget and fixed results scope of works you can rely on for the implementation phase.

From this moment, you are certain of what can be delivered and by when.

We systematise and streamline the boring administrative stuff so you can excel at the exciting stuff – spending your valuable time and energy as a firm focusing on the creative stuff and growth.

Here’s what you will get:

You understand the projects top level requirements and commitments, have accepted the high level solution and estimate. You are ready to rock and roll with this crucial step where you will receive:

  • Business requirement document.
  • Feature requirement document.
  • Infrastructure and architecture files.
  • Risk Analysis and their relevant solutions.
  • Maintenance cost projection.
  • Fixed schedule planning.
  • Fixed cost budgeting.

Experience frictionless delivery

Since you already know exactly what will be delivered and when… You can choose your delivery method as:

  • Waterfall Methodology (fixed price, time and quality; it’s on us now, you can count on it)
  • Agile Scrum Methodology (maintain total control over budget and priorities) or
  • A hybrid incremental planning approach combining Agile and Waterfall Methodologies – we’re flexible; so why not take the best of both worlds.

Then, it’s only a matter of time before your project is successfully launched and loved by all your users.

This 100% successful implementation process will build a groundbreaking level of trust and accountability with your team, your clients, and yes – us.

Your own confidence and appetite to take on bigger, more challenging projects will skyrocket knowing you have the right strategic partner with a proven mechanism to tackle complex projects that wow your clients and users. You may never want to hire an expensive in-house team, or deal with cheap outsourcing services again; never leaving anyone feeling burnt ever again.

Here’s what you will get:

We work with large, experienced software integrators and specialised agency partners to source the right skill sets and experience to deliver your project successfully. We manage the project from end-to-end, ensuring all aspects – from software design, execution, quality control and deployment – are executed to a T.

Not just an afterthought

Not just an afterthought, the solutions and technologies we propose are supported and maintained by big companies and communities.

Along with our in depth technical documentation, your solution will be easy to maintain, extend, scale or transfer without a fuss. 

Feel secure and enjoy peace of mind knowing you never feel tied into us with your solution, nor at our mercy.

Your project is designed for:

  • low resource use
  • easy maintenance
  • easy feature addition or enhancement
  • scalability

and always fully documented for ease of transfer. 

We have support packages that can be tailored to suit every need, and we always take into account the priority and urgency of requests. Our technical team can remain an extension of your in-house team too.

You can even scale up your existing team with dedicated teams who matched and vetted to your requirements. Imagination is the limit!

Here’s what you will get:

At the end of the engagement, your solution belongs to you. We’re experts in hand-off and knowledge transfer. You’ll own all the tools, platforms and documentation to build your path to future success.

  • Staggered roll off: end the engagement on your schedule
  • Centralised documentation and access
  • Performance measurement, tracking tools and analytics are set in place to track success over time.

But, you can choose to continue to maintain the product with us.

Power always to YOU!

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The real reason we picked Creative Stack was because of the value they could add through their network of experts in different sectors.

David Parr

Co-Founder & Creative Director | Prsnt

The biggest compliment I can ever give is – Creative Stack deliver every time. They are our allies, partners and confidants.

Steve Walsh

Founder | Jump Media Group

” I have recommended the team to many friends and colleagues in the UK and beyond – all have come back with the same positive reports.”

Rob Tucker

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