Best-fit-solution approach for your project scope.

Depending on the scope of your project, we’ll make sure you get the right solution. We follow your business processes, listen actively to your concerns and ask questions to fully understand your needs.

Small to Mid

CMS & E-Commerce Packages

Simple, no fuss packages to get you in the game without added bloat.

Mid to Large

Bespoke Projects

Bespoke, next level cloud-native products built with micro services.

CMS & E-Commerce Packages

Sometimes it’s better to adapt a system that covers 80% of the functionality required for your needs.

Company Website and Brand Blogs

Get your user-friendly blog or presentation website built with WordPress, enabling you to quickly and easily update the website theme.

Enjoy full control over your website’s future, growing it and extending it with extra features like forums, online store, booking systems and paid memberships.

All website packages include:

> Responsive design

> We recommend a Virtual Private Server, Kinsta Setup; #1 hosting by google, or your own server

> Yoast SEO tool which is #1 tool for WP

> The theme builder we work with is a white label tool ensuring optimal template execution for the best browser and mobile speeds.

> Deployment to live server.

Promotional Websites and Online Stores

Usually a presentational website created with WordPress, offering capabilities of up-selling a small number of promotional items.

This is powered by powerful e-commerce tools like WooCommerce, a WordPress plug-in that’s easy to integrate and with decent scalability to get you going.

All E-commerce packages include:

– Detailed product specifications and documentation.

– Responsive design

– High Availability (HA) Infrastructure.

– Reasonable Design Customisation.

– Always included: email login and password recovery.

– Kinsta Setup; #1 hosting by google

Mid to Large Bespoke Projects

Get first class user experiences with our bespoke development for truly next level cloud-native software products.


Containerised micro-services

Container platform: Docker

Container Orchestration: Kubernetes

Code versioning: GIT


Deployment Automation: Ansible, Terraform

Log System: Graylog

Docker Image Repository: GITlab repository / Nexus

Error Tracking: Sentry

Server monitoring tool: monit daemon

Webserver: NGINX, Apache, Tomcat


The main programming language : Python 3 using Django DRF (Django Rest Framework) or flask framework

Other: Java, Spring framework , Spring Boot framework, Bootique framework, Openresty, Groovy, PHP, Codeigniter framework, Laravel framework, Lumen framework, Slim framework, Sympfony framework

Unit Tests: Django unit test, Unit, PHPUnit

API Communication: JSON, gRPC

Real time communication for chat / video call: Websockets and WEBRTC

Database: PostgrSQL – main database

Search Engine: Elastic Search

Login and Authorisation: Json Web Tokens (JWT)

MOM : Kafka or RabbitMQ

Cache : Redis


Programming language: Javascript

Frameworks: React.js, Vue.js, Angular.js

SEO : next.js, nuxt.js for Server Side Rendering (SSR)

UI Framework : Internal Custom*-UI-Kit, Ant Design (AntD), Bootstrap

Other: typescript, jest + testing-library, axios or fetch API, sass or css, rollup, eslint, react context


IOS (Native)

Last version of Swift – Swift 5 that supports iOS 12.0 (Covers 93% of the users

Storyboard & auto-layout to support different resolutions

VIPER Architecture, for scalability and code testing

Firebase Crashlytics for realtime crash reporting

Firebase App Distribution/TestFlight for fast distributing of test builds

Unit testing : XCTest

Android (Native)

Last version of Kotlin

Earliest supported version: Android 5.0

VIPER Architecture, for scalability and code testing

Firebase Crashlytics for realtime crash reporting

Firebase App Distribution for fast distributing of test builds

Unit testing : JUnit and Mockito for moking and Dagger 2 for dependency injection

Flutter (Crossplatform)

Scalable UI

Text internationalisation files

Image caching

Dart language.

BLoC pattern used for Flutter architecture and data flow between widgets using Dart streams.


SonarQube, Selenium, Appium, Zafira, Postman, Fiddler, TestNG, Spring,  Cucumber, Ui Automator, xcuiTest, Jmeter, Nikto, Burp Suite, Nessus, Acunetix, Skipfish, SQLmap, Spyse, Apktool, Wireshark, Rest Assured, Metasploit, BeEF

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