Breath new life into your App.

Discover bottlenecks, lags or issues that hold your solution behind. Level up your application performance, user capacity, reduce server costs to keep up with market demands – without having to bin your current system.

Full system diagnostic

Before anything can start, we embark on a comprehensive code review of your application – after all, how else will we fully know what we are dealing with?

Confidentiality being of paramount importance to us, a legal guarantee will be signed in the form of an NDA (non disclosure agreement) that protects your secrets.

This is a one time fee for an impartial review, which will give all stakeholders an overview of the system. We won’t stop there, you will also receive actionable recommendations for improvements as well as time/resource estimates you should expect to spend on refactoring.

Get a clear path-to-outcome

Once the review is complete and the application is suitable for refactoring, we evaluate the any feature requirements you give us and deliver an impact report on the current system.

If some important features are not compatible with the current system, you might have to consider a system redesign. On the other hand, if refactoring is the best opportunity cost, by this time you will have clarity around implementation time required for the refactoring in deliverables.

Optimisation strategies you can rely on

Once we have all the features compatible with your existing infrastructure and a full analysis of what code will be dumped and re-written, our expert system designers will develop an optimisation strategy that will level up the entire product’s performance whilst avoiding any system-wide outages. Guaranteed stability as well as the ability continually asses the overall performance and health of the application will be possible through sequenced events.

Know where you stand and how much you will need to spend

By this point, you will have a good idea of the time and budget commitments you will need to factor. Whilst its not a fixed price science, due to working on a legacy codebase, you will get a plus or minus 30% range to work with and decide whether you are ready to commit to it. You will have a good idea of where you stand and no matter what, you can decide what approach is most suitable for you.

Since you have in your hands a performance report, time and materials assumptions for your new features, performance strategies, you will be a in a position to re-evaluate your needs based on these possibilities.

From here you can narrow down your feature lists to must have’s and nice to haves, and we’ll be able to re-estimate the timelines and costs to squeeze the most out of your budget.

Getting your code patched

Everything needs to be agreed upfront, before any patching can happen on your code, to create clear grounds for the new features we’ve planned together.

As with all projects, you will need to commit to at least two meetings per week to follow the progress and make sure everything is being carried out as intended.

Your participation is the most important to us since you are the best person to decide on your vision. Like a trusty navigator, we deliver multiple routing options, but you are the one in the driving seat.

Drive your vision into the new functionality

Once the application is stable and everything working as expected (based on your old business model) we start work with designing and improving any UI/UX elements that need love, bringing your new functionality to life.

Your vision is paramount and we go over and above to make sure its driven throughout the delivery process. With our lean iterative approach to development, your will get to test drive deliverables – only after they have passed our internal quality assurance processes and controls.

The buck starts and stops with you

Incorporating a fresh vision and realising it is a huge undertaking, aside from the challenge of dealing with change itself. This is why we check, check and check again before anything is released into production.

With these critical health checks in place, everything will work as expected, and even in the most unpredictable production scenarios – fail safes are there.

100% support available tailored to you

If you lack resource and expertise in-house to maintain your reborn solution, we are available to fill that gap too.

Our maintenance plans are a simple service, with well defined routine tasks to ensure stability and uptime during high traffic loans or demand.

If your architecture allows it, you can also add additional features on the fly by acquiring our value-added service.

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The real reason we picked Creative Stack was because of the value they could add through their network of experts in different sectors.

David Parr

Co-Founder & Creative Director | Prsnt

The biggest compliment I can ever give is – Creative Stack deliver every time. They are our allies, partners and confidants.

Steve Walsh

Founder | Jump Media Group

I have recommended the team to many friends and colleagues in the UK and beyond – all have come back with the same positive reports.

Rob Tucker

Founder | Quixel | Meta

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