Attain performance metrics that power your user base.

Kill customer churn by delivering a smooth service to your users. When refactoring is not an option, our redesign approach ensures the service up time, remains adaptable to market changes, and fully scalable in any demanding circumstance.

Full system redesign or resurrect through a refactor

Before anything starts, kick off with a non disclosure agreement that guarantees confidentiality protocols.

Since redesigning a system can be a considerable time and resource commitment, before investing in it, its best to take a deep look at your code to see if refactoring is a better solution.

This diagnostic is a one time charge that aims to impartially outline all system pitfalls, flesh out recommendations as well as concluding whether a system redesign is the best way forward.

A clear path for your re-design

Theres lots to cover before giving you a cost estimate or timeline.

Our team will thoroughly process your application in its entirety, to derive its main scope as well as the tiniest details, ensuring we process any new features you want in place with due diligence.

This is a very important step requiring close collaboration and effort between us. We actively listen to your needs before we dive into creating a blueprint for your software’s architecture and deliver a roadmap.

Get a fresh backbone for your app

Once everyone is on the same page with regards to your applications new scope and features – we revisit the original blueprints.

At this point our software architects and tech leads can propose the best fit architecture to serve your scope to deliver a truly modern cloud based native backbone.

We only propose the best fitting technology that serves your needs, not our ego. This backbone will allow you to integrate multiple technologies or re-write services in any language you decide is a good fit – that’s how good our architects are.

Decide on your own terms

We understand a system redesign is a big undertaking and there is a lot that needs to fall into place – which takes time.

To ease the decision, we deliver a high-level system architecture, our proposed re-design approach and a realistic yet dependable budget range.

Further information or clarifications for anything technical is only an email or phone call away. We are here to serve: you decide.

Ensuring you maintain full control over your redesign

To ensure you maintain maximum control over the re-design process, we proceed with a lean Agile Scrum approach.

That means fast ROI in terms of measurable deliverables that bring value consistently.

You maintain full control over the supply of new features and priorities the whole way through. Even if you run out of time or budget, you will always gain something in your hands.

Pause, pick up the pace when you are ready, without additional costs or delays – you are truly in the drivers seat.

Improving the user experience

Since you are redesigning your system, you have what most first timers lack: rich user feedback.

If the UX is great off the bat, we can jump straight into redesigning your application, otherwise; based on our collective experience and tonnes of user input, our expert team will target important improvements to complement your verified UX strategies to deliver a truly breathtaking experience, look and feel for your app.

and delivery (CI/CD).

A next level application back-bone is without, if there’s no CI/CD from the start.

This, together with supreme application performance monitoring fail safes and mediation approaches, we’ll always be notified instantly if something goes wrong, avoiding weeks of manual testing.

The most exciting part of a Day 0 continuous integration and deployment infrastructure is the fastest time to market possible as well as seamless migrations strategies that guarantee a frictionless transition to your newly designed software system.

Hitting that next level

Soon as we sign off on the system, it’s ready for production, and thanks to the continuous integration infrastructure in place, any data migration will have near 0 consistency risks and can be deployed to the site of your choosing.

Being truly cloud-native application, enjoy slashed server costs, low ongoing development costs and say bye bye to entire system wide outages.

Smooth is the new fast

Once things are running smoothly in production, you will have access to the best maintenance and support.

Tailored to your needs, with additions or changes a breeze, without the pain of additional paperwork or hassle – a simple subscription that makes sense for you.

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