Progressive Web App Overview For Your Business

With over 5 billion people using smartphones today, providing the best mobile internet experience possible is a must-have for any business that wants to tap into a bigger piece of the market. Mobile web apps have been the most preferred solution for businesses to do this, traditionally through single-page applications or native apps. Progressive web apps (PWAs), on the other hand, have several benefits over both single-page applications and native apps, and many web app developers in the UK are beginning to recommend this to their clients looking to get the edge in their mobile marketing strategies. 

When you partner with Creative Stack to handle your web app development in the UK, your mobile online presence will truly stand out for its functionality as well as the creative vision you’ve imagined that we bring to life. Here are some of the reasons why we suggest using progressive web apps to do it.

Get The Most Out Of Your Web App Development In The UK

A progressive web application can make your business’s cross-platform web app look as good and provide the same features as a native app does. Using web browser APIs it is easily installed onto mobile screens, as well as has offline access and push notification ability. The cross-platform method is ideal because a native app is built for particular devices, namely, iOS or Android. The other traditional method of using single-page applications – where the middle part of a page reloads but not the rest of the page – suffers from lower speeds and a harder ability to integrate marketing tools such as SEO. The best providers of web app development in the UK should allow your business to scale while offering the best user experience on any mobile device – which is Creative Stack’s aim through giving you the progressive web app solution.

But there are more benefits from implementing PWAs if you choose Creative Stack’s web app developers in the UK to do it right. 

Fast, Easy Installation

Because PWAs are able to be installed straight from the web browser to any device, there is a higher chance for customers and clients accessing it to stay engaged, and not click away as they typically do when turned off by the user experience. The ability of a progressive web app to also be accessed by URL instead of being downloaded alone makes it simpler and more trustworthy in users’ eyes. 

Better Performance

Progressive web applications give the best user experience by functioning as a website, with all the optimal features of cache, serving text, images, etc., and all with enhanced running speeds and efficiency. 

Reliable and Secure

Delivering speed and consistency across multiple devices and platforms are achieved through PWAs truly progressive features, like several service workers, and a manifest file. Security is also what every business should promise its app users, which is done through encrypted HTTP protocol.

Your Idea, Delivered

Creative Stack web app development in the UK can launch your vision through quality software products that generate mass appeal! Our team of web app developers in the UK delivers you solutions much faster and at a fraction of the cost compared to companies doing web app development in the UK. Contact us for more information at