Goldsboro Books – New Ecommerce Site

The Brief

Goldsboro Books approached Creative Stack for a modern, dynamic and more performant Ecommerce solution that would effectively solidify their existing position as the world’s largest first edition book store
– The Home of Signed First Editions.
Goldsboro Books’ mission is to interest and inspire book lovers, readers and collectors with the most carefully curated, signed books – delivering the finest quality books alongside the best book-buying experience for every customer.


Our wireframing process helped us to develop the Goldboro website service at a structural level by rapidly iterating the content and functionality on a page.

  • It demonstrates what interface elements will exist on key pages.
  • Creates the global and secondary navigation to ensure the terminology and structure used for the site meets user expectations.
  • Wirefreaming also highlights the essential and additional development work required, and further develops the user interface for web forms and interactive components.
  • It also allows us to benchmark the layouts against usability best practices.

Interactive Prototyping

Nothing brings us closer to the functionality of the final design than prototyping. It is the prototype that brings to life the “experience” behind “user experience.

  • By failing quickly and inexpensively; we were able to dertemine which approaches didn’t work in order to focus on those that did.
  • Interactive prototping also allowed us to understand any technicalities of the problem at hand; functional prototyping forces you to address both the foreseen and the unforeseen technical challenges of a device’s design.


The design is completed using actual content from Goldsboro books; time to focus on polishing the details.

With Ad Spaces, we Increased user conversions to important content. For instance, a promotional campaign, running across different pages, promoted:

  • Book of the Month Club
  • Books — special offers, limited editions, rare books
  • Events

Built-in Craft

Craft Commerce Turns your website into a fully-featured e-commerce platform. You can manage your products, promos and sales, checkout process, shipping and customer orders directly from your website’s control panel.

A fully integrated experience — Craft Commerce allows you to create relationships between your site content and your products. You can create newsletters from the Craft admin interface using existing data, no more copy and pasting.

Both Craft CMS and Craft Commerce can be extended with custom plugins to provide you with the perfect solution.

What We Delivered

  • Consultancy
  • UX/UI Usability Research
  • Wireframing
  • Rapid Prototyping
  • Responsive Web Design
  • Custom Theme + Craft Commerce CMS implementation
  • Extensive Google Analytics and Conversion Optimisation


Comparing data sets from before the launch and after the new and improved design, we measured:

59% Increase in page views

45% More pages viewed per session for each user

20% Session duration increase on the website

15% Bounce rate decrease

500% Increase in searches

Searches perfomed on the website as a ‘first user interaction’ generated a 23% increase in product views.

Record sales have been recorded since the redesign!