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Project Lima


  • Provide a secure web platform for X people who have Z issues.
  • Connect specialists with X people with Z issues.
  • Allow for advanced reporting and integration with existing systems.


  • Security had to be a top-level priority.
  • Build a secure infrastructure with a distributed, encrypted database that was only accessible from an intranet front-end server.
  • Create a secure front-end server to deliver the platform.
  • Create a back-end server system that monitors the entire system and database.
  • A necessary requirement was encrypted backups.
  • Implement Jump Media’s custom designs and UX.
  • Ensure the service is tested, working and secure.
  • Pass tests to host the system on secure servers.
  • Maintain the system.


  • Infrastructure to ensure required security.
  • Develop a highly retainable code base in an ongoing environemnt.
  • Complete the project for a fixed price, with fixed deliverables.
  • Use a hybrid between agile and waterfall methodology to build new features into the application.
  • Continually improve the platform by taking account of notable edge-cases.
  • Keep up with changes to the scope of the project.
  • Remodel the platform with a large re-write in a variety of different languages.
  • Develop an automated battery of tests to ensure each deployment ran smoothly.


  • We used a waterfall methodology to agree set requirements once certain features were discussed.
  • Project Lima was delivered on time, and on budget.
  • It is a very useful space for X people who have Z issues.
  • It is used by a lot of people.
  • The platform is acessible in multiple languages and locations.
  • Using a Green Code mentality, we are prepared for embedding a more dynamic process around upgrading, maintaining and improving the software.
  • As a team, we were very satisfied with the level of effort we put into this project.
  • Our client is very pleased with the quality and functionality of the platform.